Analyzing Ad Revenue Sources

We had been getting many queries not to show Ads on the blog homepages or show fewer. So we have been experimenting for some time to see which type of visitors tend to click on ads and generate revenue for you on the blog and how the ads on homepage perform.

Following is an anonymized graph from Google Analytics, using a sample of 90 days data, shows the percentage of ads clicked by visitors coming from different sources.


It’s clearly evident that the visitors sent by search engines are generating 90% of the revenue that a blog earns. Though you see 19% direct visitors clicked on the ads, most of them were originally came from search engine results, for the first time.

And, further analysis has shows that 96% of search engine visitors do not land on a blog’s home page, but directly on a post.

So it appears that showing no ads/fewer ads on the home page has almost zero impact on the blog’s revenue.

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