How to become a successful blogger and earn money

The most popular question sent to our support team, is How to become a successful blogger and earn money?. We always had been providing guidance to our bloggers individually, on a case-by-case basis to improve their blog. But we thought this article would help all our bloggers to succeed in their efforts.

More Traffic – More Money
Many successful bloggers around the globe earn very good income from their blog. Here is a simple math. For every 1000 page views on your blog, you could earn anywhere from $2 to $10, depending on the topic your blog specializes. So target for 1000 visits per month to begin with and continuously raise your standards.

Many top blogs on an average get over Million page views a month. So, you calculate what they may be earning.

It Takes Time
Professional bloggers evolve over time as they develop skills and attitude to improve their blogging. For some, its natural but many need practice and the commitment to shine their skills. So, dont give up.

Pick Your Favorite Topic
For gaining the reader’s interest and to turn visitors into your readers, your blog must provide useful information on a specialized topic. Pick any topic that you really like.

If you are not clear, do some research to understand what people are searching for, on the internet. Google Trends and Google zeitgeist are useful.

Stay on Top
Stay up-to-date with what is happening around. Do your best to post the latest information or any developments on your blog, on the topic you selected. Posting current affairs on your blog could bring more visitors to your blog.

What You Write Matters
Content is the key for any successful blog. Do not just write, but try to communicate your message to the readers. Write in simple language. Make use of examples to articulate.

Do not steal someone elses content. Not only it is unethical, but also the duplicate content will make search engines to penalize your blog.

No Discipline – No Success
Nothing can be achieved with out hard work and discipline. Create a plan when and how much time you will spend on your blog. Stick to the plan. Make it a habit to regularly update your blog. Ask this question to your self. Will you read any news website; if the news is few days old?

Create Connection with Readers
Effective communication is very important. In your articles express your thoughts clearly and ask for readers opinions. More importantly, respond to those comments.

And the list goes on. We will stop there and wish you all the very best.

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