Bonus Program

At we strive to enrich your blogging experience by introducing new concepts. This is just another reason, why is unique and special.

What is Bonus Program?

Our Bonus Program is exclusively developed to encourage the original and talented bloggers with exceptional presentation and writing skills.  Bonus Program is NOT a pay-to-post service.

Our review team evaluates your blog’s content based on several factors and identifies the amount of Bonus money to be paid. Once your blog qualifies for bonus program, it is calculated and will be delivered every month.  We use  a complex algorithm  to calculate the bonus you are eligible for.

To qualify and  earn bonus, your blog:

  • Must be  atleast 30 days  old
  • Should have  a minimum of 100 posts published with at least 500 words in each post
  • Should have at least 10 approved non-spam comments (not counting Pingbacks and Trackbacks)
  • Strictly follows our content policy
  • Does not violate any copyrights

Ho much will the bonus be?

The bonus is you will get $2/month .

It depends on various factors. As we stated earlier it is a complex calculation. However to give you an idea, following are some aspects that dramatically change the bonus amount.

  • Quality of the content and compliance with our content policy
  • Uniqueness of the content
  • Number of non-spam comments made by visitors on your blog and your active participation in the discussion

How it works?

  • Once your blog  qualifies for the program, Contact Support , please include your paypal account email
  • Our team reviews the blog. You will be able to see the amount once the review process is completed. It typically takes about  one to two weeks after submission.
  • If your blog is declined, you will not see money on your paypal on 3days, but You be able to re-submit it only after 30 days.
  • If your blog is accepted and you will get $2, you will be able to submit for next month  review after  re-qualification.  Let’s say  today your blog has 100 posts and is submitted for review.  Once accepted and bonus will be delivered, you will be able to submit for next  month review only after your blog has reached 200 posts, and so on.
  • All the bonus payment will be paid 3 days after we accept your review.

By participating in the program bloggers agree to all our terms and conditions. reserves the right to terminate or modify the program at will any time, with or without a reason. We also do not exercise any obligation to pay the blogger and reserve the right to refuse any payments.




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