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Categories vs Tags

Categories allow the broad grouping of post topics but when you wanted to describe a post in more specific terms you had to use more categories. That lead to very long category lists inside the blog, very long lists in sidebars. Tags are similar, but instead of […]

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Post Options – Status

One of the gray boxes on the right when you compose a post is called Post Status Draft is the default. When this is selected clicking Save will save the post as a Draft. It will then appear at the top of the Write Post page and […]

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Post Options – Discussion

You can turn comments on or off for the whole blog on the Options > Reading screen. This Option allows you to turn Comments and Pings (also trackbacks) on or off on a per-post basis. Trazodone

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Post Options – Post Password

Post Options – Post Password

You can assign a password to a post. This will allow those who know the password to enter it and read your post but others will only see a box for a password: Note: If someone has been given a password by you, they can see every […]

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Post Options – Post Timestamp

Normally when you click Publish the post you wrote gets published immediately. You may want to change that though. Posting to the Past Check the box in the Post Timestamp area and set the time and date of the post to a time before now. Click Publish. […]

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Post Options – Post Slug

When you write a post, the title of the post forms part of the link to the post. In this FAQ, there is a post called Which themes can I add a header image to?. The Post Slug is what WordPress turns your title into so it […]

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